Graphic Design

In being an artist, you have to remember that you need to focus on your craft.  Let us deal with the minor details such as graphic design that end up taking countless hours where you could be creating another masterpiece.  Don't worry, we work extremely close with you to make sure the details of each design fit your style and with your overall branding.

Social Media Promotion

Music Monday - Each Monday we have 5 scheduled spots scattered throughout the day where we share new music from various artists.  We do NOT cater to any particular genre of music and we accept any and all submissions.  

Throwback Thursday - As made popular in recent years, #tbt is another promotional tool we use to share music with our fans.  If you've covered a song or have an original song that is more than 3 years old, please feel free to share it with us.

Aloha Fridays - There is nothing better to end everyone's traditional work with than with a little bit of Aloha.  If you have music fitting in this genre, please send it our way.

If you are interested in sharing your music with us for one, two or all of our social media promotions, please fill out the form below and include links to your music in the message portion of the form.

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