Emily AFton (2/18/17)

The New Parish - Oakland

Photo Set By: Enrique C. (Final Take Media)

Photo Set By: Enrique C. (Final Take Media)


What. A. Night.


Armed with a drummer and a guitarist, Emily Afton took to the stage to start the night. Singing sweet melodies over a beat driven tune, people all across the room were enthralled. With her set starting off strong, her music was original and kept the crowd wanting more. The back and forth of instrumentation provided little surprises of excitement, teasing the crowd of what the next song would sound like. There's just something about seeing an artist exhibit pure bliss when performing. 


Emily Afton was more than just some catchy lyrics. There was no generic love song or average riffs, but there was complexity in just the right degree. Touching on different topics and themes of music, each song in the set was thoughtfully chosen and placed making the listening experience that much better. Putting labels like "indie" and "alternative" really do not do justice to Emily's style of music. She has definitely paved herself a way with her music. 


45 minutes later, Emily's set was done and she had set up the night for more great music. The crowd was warmed up from dancing to her electrifying lyrics and head-bobbing melodies. With a personality to match her performance, Emily left the stage with I'm pretty sure Ms. Afton won over a few new fans--hint: us. 

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Debbie A.