"Have you heard of *insert name here*?" "NAAH!" -- LOLOLOL

Here at ENTNS we strive and make the effort to going above and beyond in all our relationships. We created the NAAH tour, where we celebrate up and coming artists that are dedicated to their craft. Traveling to various cities in the U.S., we are making it our goal to connect the various music and art communities together. 

Click the pic for some tix.

Click the pic for some tix.

The Past.




Josh Hawes, Kat Padlan, ADINAH, Karmin Line, Brian Dublin, Drea Dela Cruz, Alex Hobbes

The Downtown Playground, Los Angeles

Julian, Erik Thomas, Karmin Line, Bella Farinas

Stoneway Cafe, Seattle

The Born Again Hooligans, Alana, Saya Willson, Radio Wolf, Bella Farinas

True Brew Coffeehouse, Portland






Genesis Fermin, Whitney Mongé, Northern Shakedown

The Skylark, Seattle

Genesis Fermin, Ashley J, Raelee Nikole, Skyler Lutes, The Naked I

Ocean Beach Playground, San Diego

Genesis Fermin, Ben Johnson, Jon Davidson, The Forgotten 45s

The Blue Room Bar, Portland