By: Deborah Atienza

While people are getting to go to bed on a Sunday, getting ready for the work week, a crowd of 300 gathers at the Independent waiting for the reggae artist, Protege, to end their weekend right. 

As we walked into The Independent, the sounds of reggae was ringing loud. The opener, Yaardcore, is setting up making sure that sound levels are correct but also making sure that the crowd is getting ready for Protege. Looking around the room, we have a variety of people dancing, swaying and also ordering drinks from the bar. Different faces walk in and a smile sparks as the grassroots reggae begins to pulsate through their body. 

The crowd thickens and clouds fill the air setting the mood for the night of fun and relaxation. The underlying connection through the music is prevalent--people of all shapes, shades, and sizes are singing along as Protege cries the song of Reggae roots. 

Proteje, along with his band and backup singers, kept engaging his audience with beautiful melodies and lyrics. The mixture of his songs, the dancing, and drinks made the night incredible. Great night, great music, great performance. 

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